In recent decades many ancestral practices are again taking their peak to reconnect with the roots, as Yoga, martial arts, aromatherapy, ...... Tattoo is one of these sacred practices that for hundreds of years lost his spiritual auge as it was for our ancestors… and thanks to Sanya passion and love this auge is coming back. One year ago, she was invited to perform a ceremonial tattoo to the only erede shaman of the Lacandon tribe. We felt and still feel so honorate to enter in a such Sacred land (Ancestral Territories) and to meet old Mayans that still preserve their ancestral culture. The first few days, I personally didn’t feel good about taking out the camera and starting filming, even though the oldest shamans gave us their permission... One night, while I was filming the tattoo artist Sanya Youalli on her journey to the heart of the Mayan Jungle Lacandona, many Mayans ancestors appeared in my dream and assured me that what I was doing was right…they gave me their permission to film their people, their rituals and their sacred land… and then the magic started.